Tacos Molecule Wall Art Poster

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You’ve heard of probiotics (good bacteria that promotes a healthy gut), but what about prebiotics (the food that feeds the good bacteria)?! Here you thought that eating that taco was only benefiting yourself, meanwhile that taco is packed with a non-digestible starch called amylose (the chemical shown) that only our stomach bacteria can digest! So keep eating those tacos and making your stomach happy.

These unique giclée art pieces are printed on heavyweight 5" x 7" matte paper with optional frame. Archival ink is used to provide a saturated and rich print that will last against fading.

Ultra-premium presentation 10.3 mm matte paper with professional inkjet ink. 

Do not touch the colour side of the print. Ensure that your hands are clean and only handle prints from the edges or the bottom. Any accessories such as watches or jewelry that could scratch the surface of the prints should be removed before handling.

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