Linen Mask (Champagne)
Linen Mask (Champagne)
Linen Mask (Champagne)

Linen Mask (Champagne)

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POP! The bottle of Veuve explodes.  All eyes on you and your champagne.. But this time the champagne isn't just in your Swarovski crystal champagne flute. Oh no, no sir.  It's also all over your face and not because you drank too much of it and had a spill, but because you have a gorgeous champagne coloured linen mask protecting that beautiful face. That's right, champagne makes you feel fabulous and that's exactly how this light weight classy mask will make you feel. 


  • Handmade
  • Shapely face seams
  • Double layered
  • Adjustable toggle to customize tightness
  • Built-in pocket for optional filter or wear as is
  • Not for medical use 
  • Unisex


Linen / cotton blend


Hand wash and air dry