Tie Dye Mask (Cotton Candy)

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The year is 2021, the world opens up and everyone is desperate to spread their wings and do anything that involves interacting with other people.  We don't care that carnivals went out of style after 1893, we go anyways and have the time of our lives except now you've forgotten how to be in public and have a near meltdown in the middle of the festival.  Fear not, if you need a breather, go stand in the delicious pillowy clouds of cotton candy behind the concession stand until you're ready to come out, for these masks double as a seamless carnival disguise.  We're all in this together, we got you.


Any three $10 face masks for $25 (discount applied at checkout).  


  • Handmade
  • Structured fit 
  • Stretch elastic to comfortably fit all face shapes (adjustable toggles available under accessories)
  • Not for medical use 
  • Unisex




Hand wash and air dry to increase the life of your masks 

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