About Us

During the COVID19 pandemic a lot of people were affected by their rapid situational change.  We were no longer allowed to be indoors without a mask, people lost their jobs and freedoms, and the priorities as we knew them suddenly shifted.   To make the best of an unfortunate situation we formed Bam.batt, a mother-daughter, small business company that allowed us to expel some stress and energy through creation and design, in a way that was both relevant to our current situation and one that would allow us to stay afloat. 

Carolyn is the creative gene in the operations; mother and former Art Student of the team.  She graduated from OCAD University, one of the top ranking Art Institutions in Canada where she studied photography and fabric design. A photoshop wiz, textile designer, and former Artist in Residence at Harborfront, she is now bringing 'new designs to modern times'.

Samantha is the littler member of the team. Although she has taken a career in Science, any chance she gets she takes after her creative mother to design something new. Starting years ago as a child selling unfortunate looking bracelets on the side of the road, she has now learned a lot to bring designs your way.