Linen Mask (Charcoal)
Linen Mask (Charcoal)
Linen Mask (Charcoal)

Linen Mask (Charcoal)

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Charcoal is trendy af these days.. It's in toothpaste, beverages, beauty products.. So we thought to ourselves, give the people what they want, and what the people want is charcoal. We've given you exactly what you want with this beautiful, lightweight charcoal mask, a beautiful mask for a beautiful face. Stay on top of the trends or be left behind as they say, we dodged a bullet with this one.



  • Handmade
  • Shapely face seams
  • Double layered
  • Adjustable toggle to customize tightness
  • Built-in pocket for optional filter or wear as is
  • Not for medical use 
  • Unisex


Linen / cotton blend


Hand wash and air dry