Vanilla Citrus Freshening Mask Spray

Vanilla Citrus Freshening Mask Spray

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We're not here to judge, but let's admit you have probably experience a time that you might have worn your mask one too many times.  Don't get us wrong, we encourage you to wash your mask to ensure it does its job to keep you safe, but whether you're in between loads or just want to smell a bit of freshness all day (yes this light scent really does last all day) this freshening spray is just for you.  Made with anti-microbial ingredients (alcohol and peppermint essential oil) this spray is designed to help kill some of those nasty pests that contaminate your mask, while giving you that citrus-lemon freshness to get you through your coffee breath. 


15ml - Comes in two fragrances - Vanilla Citrus and Peppermint


Water, isopropanol, glycerin, essential oils